Thursday, May 22, 2008


Katrina, a young, competent and beautiful lady served as resource person on the history and what is Yehey now. Her talk was very informative and very interesting. It was both cerebral and practical.

activities after the training

This is the fifth day of our training on Women Empowerment in the Age of ICT. I can't wait to share what I have learned to the members of the our program at UPLB. On my way to the training program, I have been thinking of other activities on women and ICT. One will be on facts and figures about women to be entitled "Figures to Watch" and the other one is on "What the law says" about laws (e.g., RAs EOs and AOs) related to women, children and older persons. There are more other things that I am thinking but will post them later.

The Sexy Mom

I met an interesting sexy Filipina today. She is Ma'am Dine Racoma.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2008 Top 10 Influential Blog

My entry for the Top 10 influential blog of 2008. These are as follows:

I love this blog spot because I love flowers, particularly orchids. My orchids are in full bloom and they are very lovely just like the snapdragons and petunias featured in this blog.

I like the title of the blog "Simple Life". It features both business and everyday tips. Visit it.

3. gatherlittlebylitte
The title attracts me to this site, just like a snowball which becomes bigger and bigger as it rolls.

I love this spot not because he is a friend but he is a very good writer and offers an excellent discussion of the day-to-day social, political and economic happenings.

5. filipino
Similar with the earlier blogspot of david llorito, this is a good spot for those who would like to know what's happening in the Philippines. It also features funny articles.

The title of her blog, "My Conversation", is very nice, similar to a diary and full of interesting stories.

This blog spot is very useful for artists and non-artists. There are tips and tips about colors. Very nice.

8. missingcarlo
I also know of people with autism and I can easily relate with this blog.

9. pinoy mountaineer
Want to see lovely and inspiring places, visit this site. It is also very informative too because they have facts about the places being featured.

Again, an interesting site for daily news about everything.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Of pies and magpies

Have you ever tried tasting a pie? It can be chicken, beef or tuna. Which do you think is the best? Or it depends on the maker? Or where the pies came from?